We know casino marketing executives have a lot on their plates. Partnering with a knowledgeable, competent and efficient direct marketing company can mean worrying about one less thing. A perfect fit is hard to find, but ZipTek Services and the Gaming Industry are truly a perfect fit. These are some of the direct mail solutions we offer to make your life easier.

In-House Production Facility

Casino mailing programs are extremely time sensitive and highly data-driven.  No exceptions.  If there is one thing we know all about, it is meeting those sensitive drop dates.  We offer a competent, turnkey solution to data processing, printing and mailing under one roof.  We don’t outsource your jobs, which is not only cost effective, it is fast and allows us to have control over the final product.

Data Processing

We also know data, and we know it well.  We understand the value of your database and your player retention programs.  We make sure the right offers get to the right people at the right time.

Creative Services

We can help you create your concept or bring a current concept to life. We believe a well-planned concept is the foundation to a great direct mail piece. It is the one big idea that is going to bring people through your doors and we can help you do it.

Account Management

Our customer service and dedication is something we take great pride in. It takes a level of understanding and experience to manage casino mailings. We have account management with gaming experience to manage every mail piece.